Apr. 26th, 2009

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This community is for questions and discussion about anything Apple, including iPhone, iPod, iTunes, etc. - you may post anything that relates to Apple and Apple/Mac products, discussion of Apple related news or technical issues you would like help with. I will be updating the profile page with some helpful links for first time Mac users, as well as some fun stuff like sites with wallpapers, dock icons and other stuff.

Please be patient, as the site (and this community) is just starting out. At this point, Dreamwidth is still in a closed beta, but things should pick up as more people join the site!

As we're all adults, I see no need to fill the page with a bunch of rules. In general, be respectful of one another and don't use the community for posting classified ads (that's what craigslist is for) and you should be just fine.

Trolls and disrespectful persons will be removed from the community and banned. In addition, do not come here asking how to jailbreak your iPhone, or how to restore it once you have. As a former Apple employee, I've grown exceedingly tired of people whining to me that Apple won't fix their jailbroken iPhone. There are many, many websites that will explain in detail all the pros and cons of this decision, as well as possible fixes. Just 'Google' it.

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