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So I waited until most of the web traffic died down a bit before asking these questions:

 - What do you think of the iPad?
 - Who do you think is the target market for it?
 - Will you be getting one?
 - If no why not? If yes what primary use do you see yourself putting it to?
-  If you were involved in initial R&D what would you have changed about the finished product?

Any other thoughts?
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Hello people who subscribed to this comm ages ago and have forgotten all about it. >.>b There's a meme going on to post in / revitalize old comms, so ... I had a question, if anyone wants to answer it!

I'm thinking of getting an old 12" G4 iBook, 1.2 GHz. I'd basically use it for surfing the web and writing stories on, and my girlfriend [personal profile] rev_yurodivy wants one as well. I'm wondering what the real-world impact of having a low processor speed is, though ... are there sites that it's going to lag on, for instance? Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Many thanks in advance!
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I own a model MacBook2,1. Currently there is a 120GB 4,200rpm hard drive on the machine, which is starting to creak a little, so I would like to replace it before it gives up the ghost.

I am looking at replacing it with a hard drive which has a minimum capacity of 500GB. Does anyone here have any suggestions or experience about which manufacturer is most reliable? I don't mind paying more for the drive if it is going to be more reliable.


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Memphis Hospital Confirms Steve Jobs’s Liver Transplant

Methodist University Hospital in Memphis has confirmed Steve Jobs had a liver transplant

Methodist University Hospital in Memphis has confirmed Steve Jobs had a liver transplant

UPDATE: Hospital spokeswoman Ruth Ann Hale declined to add any more information to hospital’s statement. She would not say when the transplant was performed (the Wall Street Journal said about two months ago); how long Steve Jobs had been on the transplant waiting list; nor where the donor organ came from. “We’re not saying anything beyond what it says in the statement,” she said by phone on Tuesday night. It’s safe to assume the donor liver came form a deceased patient — otherwise why would Jobs be on a waiting list? But the lack of a time frame for the operation is puzzling. Perhaps it’s to protect the identity of the donor? If the time of the operation is known, maybe it makes it easier to identify potential donors?

Methodist University Hospital in Memphis has confirmed that Steve Jobs had a liver transplant — and the disclosure was made with Jobs’s permission, the hospital says.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the hospital said Jobs was the sickest person on the waiting list at the time the donor organ became available.

The hospital’s statement is likely in response to growing questions about the transplant. On Tuesday morning, the New York Times published a high-profile story asking whether Jobs’s money and power helped him to jump to the front of the queue. “Whenever someone rich and famous receives a transplant, suspicions inevitably arise about whether that person managed to jump to the head of the waiting list and take an organ that might have saved the life of somebody just as desperate but less glamorous,” the paper said.

The hospital’s statement appears to be a flat denial that Jobs received any preferential treatment.

“He received a liver transplant because he was the patient with the highest MELD score (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease) of his blood type and, therefore, the sickest patient on the waiting list at the time a donor organ became available,” the hospital said.

The hospital said Jobs is doing well.

“Mr. Jobs is now recovering well and has an excellent prognosis.”

Full text of the statement after the jump.


Link to PDF of media release.

I am pleased to confirm today, with the patient’s permission, that Steve Jobs received a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in partnership with the University of Tennessee in Memphis.  Mr. Jobs underwent a complete transplant evaluation and was listed for transplantation for an approved indication in accordance with the Transplant Institute policies and United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) policies.  He received a liver transplant because he was the patient with the highest MELD score (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease) of his blood type and, therefore, the sickest patient on the waiting list at the time a donor organ became available.  Mr. Jobs is now recovering well and has an excellent prognosis.

The Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute performed 120 liver transplants in 2008 making it one of the ten largest liver transplant centers in the United States.  We provide transplants to patients regardless of race, sex, age, financial status, or place of residence.  Our one-year patient and graft survival rates are among the best in the nation and were a dominant reason in Mr. Jobs’s choice of transplant centers.  We respect and protect every patient’s private health information and cannot reveal any further information on the specifics of Mr. Jobs’s case.

James D. Eason, M.D.

Program Director, Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute

Professor of Surgery, Chief of Transplantation, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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Took ½ an hour to download, but I am loving the new features (particularly the new copy/paste function, and the ability to delete one message in a string of text messages!) Very cool.

I was not impressed with how it rearranged all my icons when adding the voice memo icon to the main screen, but it was easily fixed with minimal cursing ;)

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I know that there is always a whirlwind of rumors swimming the 'tarnets regards what 'Next Big Thing' apple will produce.  Now that 'NBT' always seems to be hardware based first with scrummy things under the hood - see the ipod, the macbook air, the ipod touch / iphone.

So I was wondering what does Apple currently NOT make that you wish they did? Why do you think they should add thsi thing to thier range ( other than you personally wanting to see one)

I really want to see a DRM free, decent sized, OSX compatible e-reader. Not a compact notebook, or a netbook, or a tablet, something that lets me read any text data (and pdf's) on something less ugly than a Kindle, but with a bigger screen than a Sony Ereader I would also  like it to be under $300o r I cannot afford it.

I know I wont' get it (DRM free who am I kidding?) but it's what I'd like to see all the same.

How about you?

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This community is for questions and discussion about anything Apple, including iPhone, iPod, iTunes, etc. - you may post anything that relates to Apple and Apple/Mac products, discussion of Apple related news or technical issues you would like help with. I will be updating the profile page with some helpful links for first time Mac users, as well as some fun stuff like sites with wallpapers, dock icons and other stuff.

Please be patient, as the site (and this community) is just starting out. At this point, Dreamwidth is still in a closed beta, but things should pick up as more people join the site!

As we're all adults, I see no need to fill the page with a bunch of rules. In general, be respectful of one another and don't use the community for posting classified ads (that's what craigslist is for) and you should be just fine.

Trolls and disrespectful persons will be removed from the community and banned. In addition, do not come here asking how to jailbreak your iPhone, or how to restore it once you have. As a former Apple employee, I've grown exceedingly tired of people whining to me that Apple won't fix their jailbroken iPhone. There are many, many websites that will explain in detail all the pros and cons of this decision, as well as possible fixes. Just 'Google' it.

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